electricianFlickering or dimming lights can be annoying and most people blame a bad connection or faulty bulbs. There are many reasons your lights might be dimming. However, the main reason is when your circuit loads increase suddenly. Your electrician might ask you whether the lights are constantly dimming or increasing in dimming. This is an important question because it can help you determine the root cause of your problem. It is best to contact a licensed electrician if you have any questions about electrical work. Electrical work can be dangerous and could lead to serious injuries.


Your lights may dim more because of a loosening wire connection. This problem is more common in warmer months, when electricity is in high demand due to AC units running at full speed. As loose wires can cause high resistance which can lead to fire, it is better to call a Myrtle Beach electrician immediately.

PLUGGED IN APPLIANCES Plugged in Appliances

If the lights dimming when you plug in an appliance, such as an iron or kettle, it may be that the appliance isn’t working properly. It’s best to have the appliance repaired as soon as possible to avoid any potential harm, like shocking you.


As electrical circuits have evolved over the years, lights in modern homes don’t share the same wiring as the lights in older homes. If a new appliance is plugged into, especially if they draw more electricity when they’re turned on than when they’re running, the demand for the circuit can increase, which can cause your lights to go out. A emergency electrician can help you solve this problem by installing dedicated circuits.

Older houses may have problems because they are unable to keep up with newer technology’s demands for electricity. Some devices, such as laptops, use more electricity than ever before. This is called the electrical drain. If the electrical contractor determines that this is the problem they will be able to upgrade your home’s electrical circuits.


Things such as lights may not produce the same quality output due to age and wear. The light bulb’s output will decrease as light bulbs get used and more wear occurs. It is recommended to replace the light bulbs when this happens.


If your lights keep dimming for an extended period of time, and you cannot see any pattern, it might be worth calling your electricity company (i.e. FPL You might not get the same level of service as you’re used to because they have an issue.

It is important to take care of your home and all its components. Even something as small as dimming lights can cause a huge problem. Make sure to inspect all possible connections, from appliances to cables to the electricity company. If you have any questions, contact a licensed electrician for electrical repair. You should also be aware of other potential dangers and address them immediately to prevent a larger problem.

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